Garden Benches for Outside Your Home

Garden Benches for Outdoors

Garden Benches for Outdoors

Often it is difficult to choose the perfect piece of garden furniture for a space outside.  There are many different varieties to choose from, as well as materials, and whether the furniture is all weather (weather proof) or not.

The garden bench is one of those choices, and I will be trying to argue that it is in fact the best purchase you can make for your home this year.

Why is the garden bench so good?

Just think about what a bench actually brings to your back garden:

  1. A comfortable place to sit.
  2. Space to enjoy your garden with friends.
  3. Cheap seat option.
  4. A wide variety of styles and colours to choose from.

There really is no downside to a garden bench, apart from having to treat one every few weeks (if it is wooden).

That’s where Winawood™ comes in.

The beauty of a Winawood™ Garden Bench

Winawood™ Garden Benches

Winawood™ Garden Benches

Winawood™ is a brand new material for garden furniture, developed in early 2014, and is made to look and feel like real wood, but without the maintenance.  You do not need to oil, cover, or store this furniture, as it can be left outside all year round without any damage occurring due to the weather.

The Winawood™ furniture range consists of benches, love seats, dining sets, coffee tables, and picnic tables.


You can buy Winawood™ garden benches online, from Gardencentreshopping, who stock the full range, including all colours and styles of Winawood™ furniture.


Cozy Bay Sicilia 6 Seater Dining Set

The Sicilia dining set range by Cozy Bay, looks magnificent in the six seater variation, with plenty of room, comfortable dining chairs, and all cushions included.  The Sicilia range is far more relaxed than its Panama cousin, and offers you a chair that comfortable seats you while eating, and …

Panama Dining Sets

Four Seater Panama Dining setPanama dining sets from Cozy Bay furniture, are the most comfortable style of the entire range.  The high backed chairs, support the natural curvature of your spine, ensuring you’re comfortable and safe.

They come in a range of either a 4 or 6 seater, both coming with cushions and the glass top table included as standard.  One of the best selling Cozy Bay dining sets available.

For more info, visit:

Buy Cozy Bay Chicago Rattan Sofa Sets

The fantastic Chicago Wicker Lounge set by Cozy Bay furniture, is a lovely centre piece for anyones garden or patio area.

Cozy Bay Chicago Sofa Sets

If you want to add extra style to your garden this summer, look no further than the Cozy Bay Chicago Sofa set range, fully customisable, and available in two fantastic colours. It can be re-arranged into a day bed, separate pieces for a lounge set, or as the corner sofa you can see in the image above.

It comes complete with all cushions included, and 3 corner sofa sections, as well as 3 straight sections, and the central ottoman, which can have a glass top, or a cushion.

You will love the Cozy Bay Chicago set in your garden this summer, perfect for chilling out with a cool drink in the sunshine, resting after a long hard day at work.

You can buy it online today from Gardencentreshopping, who stock a large range of Cozy Bay Furniture available for home delivery.

Buy Cozy Bay Rattan Dining Sets Online

Purchase Cozy Bay dining tables and chairs online, amazing all weather rattan furniture.

Cozy Bay Barcelona Rattan Dining Set

Cozy Bay dining sets are a fantastic addition to anyones garden, with a variety of 2, 4, 6 and 8 seaters available to suite anyones needs. Perfect for a family meal, or having a bbq with close friends, these dining sets come in the beautiful, light 4 seasons colour, that will stand out from the crowd, and give you a really premium set of garden furniture.

If you want amazing alfresco dining, you need to checkout Cozy Bay rattan dining sets, you can buy it online from Gardencentreshopping.